Our Story

Our Story

So we have all been to one of these: “Massive Sale”, “Clearance Sale”, “Sale Now On” the allure of a sale is too much for some of us mere mortals to resist. Sometimes these sales are fruitful and you find amazing bargains but other times you are left frustrated with long queues which you have to wait in for hours, not finding what you looking for or not finding your size. It is from these sales where the idea of Pazazz was born.


Our mission was a rather simple one and the question we asked ourselves was how can we provide high quality branded fashion and accessories at a great price while removing the hassle and frustration that are sometimes encountered at these sales. Also why wait for a sale when we can offer great value to customers all year round and the convenience of shopping from their own home or office.

From our humble beginnings of selling to family and friends we have established ourselves as the brand that delivers the “Razzle” and the “Dazzle” to your door at prices that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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